Christian Laier

  • Born in Nordhausen in 1982
  • Study of Mandolin Play with Gertrud Weyhofen in Kassel, artistic postgraduate studies with Steffen Trekel in Hamburg
  • Study of Guitar Play with Michael Tröster
  • Concerts in various Chamber Music Line-ups and as a soloist lead him through Europe, the USA, Japan and Brazil
  • Performances of solo concerts with the "Jenaer Philharmonie", the "Leipziger Symphonieorchester", the Plucked Orchestra of Minsk and the Plucked Orchestra of Berlin
  • Plays in the Simphony Orchestra among others in "Gewandhausorchester Leipzig", "Staatskapelle Weimar" and in "Orchester des Staatstheaters Kassel"
  • Laureate of national and international competitions:
    • 1998 - 2nd prize at "Albin-Dotzauer-Competition" for Mandolin solo in Schweinfurt
    • 2000 - 1st prize at "Roland-Zimmer-Jugendwettbewerb" for Mandolin solo in Glauchau
    • 2000 - 1st prize at "Bundeswettbewerb Jugend musiziert“ in Berlin
    • 2002 - 1st prize at "Roland-Zimmer-Jugendwettbewerb" for Mandolin solo in Glauchau
    • 2007 - 3rd prize at "International Mandolin and Guitar Competition Vissani" (Greece)
    • 2010 - 2nd prize at "International-Gerhard-Vogt-Chambermusic-Competition" in Hammelburg (with Duo Consensus)
  • Participation in Master Courses e. g. with bei Marga Wilden-Hüsgen, Caterina Lichtenberg, Ariane Zernecke-Lorch, Albert Aigner, Dieter Kreidler, Thomas Müller-Pering, Carlo Marchione, Hubert Buchberger und Winfried Michel
  • Educational seminars at the "Musikschule Erfurt"
  • Tutor at seminars of the "Bund deutscher Zupfmusiker"
  • 2007-2016 Conductor of the "Landesjugendzupforchesters Brandenburg - Berlin"
Christian Laier